Let the posting Begin

This will be a quick one. But I had to get started, and apparently I had to begin right now! I was just reading an article. Something, Something, about the Baby Boomer generation and some of their regrets as gathered by a reporting source. Key quote from the article,

“Live with in your means, save for a rainy day.”

I had also just finished reading and studying some of the material for a homework assignment I am doing, for a financial class. My head is swimming with zeros as I try to ingest the information and the obscene amounts of money these people are making, asking for and will make.

So yes, I am closer to 40 than 30, have a full time job, newly married, new house, and I am in graduate school. Some days it is all about climbing on the crazy train and other days I can actually take it all in. I did need to write this right now, because as I read about the monies these investors are making, the millions of dollars in this assignment I have to deal with and all the while reading an article on regrets of an older generation about saving their pennies for rainy days. Some facts slam into you. Life does not come into complete focus, but I can see some glaring errors. I will never be a millionaire. Well I should say being a millionaire is not my goal. It is not something I strive for or factors in my decisions as I go forward and yes I could win the lottery if I played. What I do know is, I’m in a design profession. I’m a service industry employee. So what can I do to make a little more money, possibly to begin small investments that I can capitalize into larger investments as time goes, or what can I do right now to position myself to make a little more money? A little more to provide and alleviate some of these crazy feelings about home, marriage, savings, retirement and making ends meet.

Well I can write. I can draw and design. I can project manage. 2 of 3 I do every day, one I have always imagined, writing. So yes, it had to start now. It had to start somewhere. There is too much that needs to be said. Too many things that can be said and I have to hope a few things that I can say can be of value to other people. That other people will pay me, to read, listen too, or even learn from. I have to try.

So it begins.

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