Catch up

It has been busy. Since my last post, I finished the third semester of my graduate program, started my 4th and took our 4th field trip , this time to Portland Oregon. What an amazing city. Top to bottom a different cultural ethos and vibe out there. Not in a bad way… but in a, we would all be so much better off if our city, our citizens and we, believed as passionately, work as hard, collaborated, tried and always put for our best before the bottom line. It was a great trip that I will recap soon.

For now though I had to get a few thoughts down regarding some potential projects and ideas before they slipped off into the void.

Paper idea. Single or multiple articles, about the 7 highly effective principles for Comprehensive Plans.
Focus on the Strategic Concept
Keep people interested and involved
Recruit others to play on your team
Take direct action with your own money
Shape the actions of others with good laws
Provide incentives for others to take the lead
Be sure every power and penny are used to support plan implementation

Lot to be said there. Bringing in theory, practice and real world examples.

I also completed my first presentation to the office using examples from the Boston trip and gave an overview of the program. I have been asked to give this same presentation again, so I am looking forward to the next opportunity.

I also have worked out an overall idea for my next presentation to the office in the next month. That is to provide an overview of the Genzyme building filled in with the Case study material, numbers etc. Show and detail photos of the building and the process. Use the Genzyme case to bridge and discuss procurement methods and contracts. I have been thinking about sending out a survey for the office to help open the contract discussions. Simple questions such as types of contracts you have worked for…etc. Still working this out. I need to put this together before too much additional time has passed. The nice thing part is the survey may generate interest, questions and discussion before the presentation.

In addition this month, I have 2 more papers to write and to prepare for the next project deadline my team is prepping for. A lot to be doing.

Some times you need time to just think. Almost all of the time, I need a list, and tasks to work from. So here is mine for the next few weeks. All of these issues should keep me on point and keep my ears tuned to points that may come my way. I am always amazed at the way pieces of information from wildly different fields, expertise and areas can impact, inform and relate to each other. You never know where it may be coming from.

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