5 Month Catch up

It has been almost 5 months since I have been here. I was a little shocked when I saw the date of my last post. Time has been flying by.

Once again, I have been thinking about writing, getting ideas down on paper, doing a little more. But I have to balance these thoughts with how much I actually am doing. I have a full plate as of right now. In an effort to catch myself up and to clean the current slate here is a brief recap of my 5 months absence.

I have effectively finished my 5th semester of the MRED program. This semester consisted of Real Property Law, Real Estate Law and a financial class detailing the bond market, correlation and deviation of portfolio mixes and interest rates. The semester also consisted of our 5th field trip, this one to Los Angeles for the annual ULI conference. I will have a brief reflection paper of that trip shortly.

That was class. Work (that 40+ hour a week thing) has been going well also with new projects, construction starting on some, new clients and new potential contacts. In addition to work I have also been keeping up with my duties as PDO for our state chapter, President Elect of the state ASLA chapter, and a volunteer Junior Board member of Railroad Park. IT has been a busy season.

At work I have completed 3 presentations to the firm, of my graduate course work to date, with 3 more to do, and I have presented to multiple groups for the MRED program.

I have been thinking, now that I am near the end of the program, what exactly I am going to do with this degree. I have loved going back to school and learning and growing. I don’t want that to stop and I want to make sure I capitalize on much of what I have learned. Is it time to start thinking about doing some real estate deals? I think for now I have some ideas on how to produce some writings using my training as a designer and my knowledge of real estate to discuss the importance of sense of place.

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