This past year

I have been slowly pecking at this blog, writing and thinking. It has been a year. I was reminded from the Guinness photo in the banner. The photo was shot at 2011’s St. Patty’s day celebration. Well here is another year. I’m finishing graduate school, I have a few months left, one trip to take and one project to finish.

Over the year I have delivered a few more development presentations, continued to work on a large variety of projects from Comprehensive Plans, University Master Plans and playgrounds and parks. We have started to keep a projects blog for the Company website. It is a slowly developing blog. We have been keeping busy.

I have also been privileged to be invited to sit on the City of Birmingham’s Design Review Committee. I attended my first meeting last Wednesday. It was a great experience. I am excited to continue serving. The first meeting was a series of sign reviews, house plans and even a landscape plan. It was exciting to review, comment and provide direction for ongoing development and revitalization efforts in the city.

Up next, more discussion on my past presentations and continued work for the DRC.

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