MRED Graduation


I have officially graduated from Auburn University, Masters of Real Estate Development. I feel wonderful. I will be spending time as this conversation progresses, writing about details of the program I have spent the last two years navigating. Right now I wanted to write myself a note about the accomplishment. First I have to thank all of my friends and family who supported me, especially my wife. I wanted to start with that because I received a lot of congratulations over the weekend, a lot of “I’m so very proud of you” compliments and I realize that while they are given to me about my journey, all graduates are deserving.

I can remember sitting in my professors office at Kentucky, discussing and weighing the issues of attending graduate school upon leaving under grad. I remember our discussions and the advice he gave me when talking about responsibility. Responsibility that I didn’t have then but would as I grew and matured in my career. Those of family, friends and home and how they can change your ideas, perceptions and goals as your travel through life. At the time I made the decision to postpone graduate school. Now that I have accomplished this after 13 years removed from my undergraduate degree, I can say I am glad I did.

I am glad I did because of the graduate program I choose. One that complements and propels my career goals while opening opportunities for myself. I am glad because I honestly don’t believe I would have been happy with a masters degree I would have obtained directly after undergrad, because I honestly didn’t know what my career or desired specialty was going to be. Most importantly I am glad I waited because, the pressures of responsibilities, and assignments was made possible with the support network from family, and made it all the more special and rewarding.

The next chapter begins now. It is one I hope I fill my achieving my aspirations, using the skills and knowledge I have learned while discovering what I have left to learn and how to apply it all. Part of that journey needs to be documented here. Why? Well that is for another post. But I have decided to stake a claim here and to put down these thoughts and conversations in a place that I know is public, that I know can be shared, critiqued and discussed, because that is part of the learning process too.

I am proud of my accomplishment. I am still learning not only how to use my skills, but where they lack and what I need to know as I go forward. I am still learning and working on becoming a better person, a better professional and a better friend. Everything is a work in progress in my career and life. The best documents, ideas, people and places are those that change and grow as needed and are used, those can respond and can adapt. Change and growth is necessary, required and fundamental to who we are.

Whats next? Next is to spend more time here. That is one of the many goals I have. I need to use a space like this to practice and refine my skills of writing, understanding and learning. I hope that it will afford me the opportunity to touch on the lessons I have learned and reinforce that knowledge so I do not lose it.

Until the next post.

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