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So I recently just wrote a post for another blog. OF course it is just a first pass and has to go through several hands before it gets placed on the website. So i thought it would be good to put down what I originally wrote here, and we will see how much it changes by the time it goes up.

Uncovering Place


The City of Birmingham is currently growing. It is redeveloping areas that have long sat vacant and under utilized. The City of Birmingham is uncovering place. One of the most dramatic areas of growth is in the newly formed Park District located in Birmingham’s Downtown. The district is the buffer between the University of Alabama Birmingham and Birmingham’s traditional downtown business and industrial uses. The Park District celebrates its name with a national award winning project and urban open space, RailRoadPark. This development and additional infrastructure projects the city has infused into the district is leading to the uncovering of a great place and district in the city with new businesses, uses,  and connections to downtown and UAB along with signature projects such as Railroad Park and the new Birmingham Barons baseball stadium.


One of the first projects the City of Birmingham completed as part of its initial investment was the redevelopment of the districts north south collector street, 14th Street; running 18 blocks from 8th Avenue North to 10th Avenue South. 14th Street is a major collector for the area, interconnecting the University of Alabama and Downtown Birmingham. 14th Street serves and run adjacent to UAB’s central green, major classroom buildings, Bartow Arena, JeffersonCounty administrative buildings, the future Birmingham Barons baseball stadium, RailRoadPark, Innovation Depot and ending at the Social Security and future Treasury building.


14th Street is a key multimodal corridor linking the western edge of Birmingham’s downtown. KPS was the lead designer of the project. The project focused on streetscape improvements within the existing right-of-way for the 18 blocks from 8th Avenue North to 10th Avenue South. The streetscape improvements consisted of street trees, pedestrian lighting, benches, trash receptacles, and sidewalk improvements to ensure the corridor was ADA compatible and allowed for users to walk safely and comfortably from destination to destination. The corridor is highlighted as it crosses into the park district with brick pavers and urban spaces designed at each corner. This design element is used to signify the Park District and connect to the areas cultural past and historic uses.

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