Change is constant, bad decisions…

Only in Alabama? Last week, a Boaz man got in a wreck while he was drunk, and was taken to the hospital so his injuries could be treated. But his night was just starting.

He then fled the hospital by stealing an ambulance, ditched the ambulance and tried to steal a horse, stole two cars, totaled one, and got home.

Birmingham News Article. 

Well I had to include the above…… Change is inevitable… but wow, there is a guy who just kept making one bad decision after another.


Change has come once again, as it always does, generally unexpected and unwanted. All change is not bad, but the trick is not making a bad decision, making an opportunity out of the change that is presented. Making the change work for you. 

That is my current position, making the change work for me. So where to begin? Well first you have to be excited about the change  if not excited, you have to get excited. This has been a hard first step for me. I need to embrace this change, or it will be forced on me and when that happens it will not pleasant for me, and or I am passively removing myself from having an ability to effect the change. UGHHH just typing out that honesty for my lack of enthusiasm is tough. I need to change! Ughh, and that is hard too. But were we go. 

First I need a plan, a strategy of some kind. Something I can share with others and can get feedback on, as I work my plan and refine as I go. Second, quality control. To demonstrate an ability to deliver high quality as I go. Not only for the clients and projects sake but for my own. Pride in ownership.

*update* stepped away from the post for a bit to spin out a couple of ideas. Future post, taking constructive criticism, Its one thing to give it, another to take it.

With that said, I need to get back to a plan. Something that will give me a road map for the next few months, that is flexible and can respond to change and something I can be proactive about. I need to work my plan.

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