Change of Mentors

The change continues. The change I am talking about is the transition of leadership and the role this studio plays in the firm, at an organizational level. It hasn’t been easy so far. There has been some mis-communication, I believe, on both sides. I say that because of the way I feel about the situation and the conversations, meetings and emails that have resulted from the news. But it is official, the group I have been working in for the last ten years is changing.

That’s not inherently a bad thing at all. But after developing these relationships, bonds and familiarity with each other and how we work, it is a shock. My role is expanding and changing, and it has to if it is to survive. I think that is what is most unsettling about it all. The personal side of reacting to the change. That I have to change, evolve  and adapt if I am going to survive it all. Its scary, exhilarating, promising and terrifying all at the same time.

Having emotions and response like this, to a situation that is still just work, is that too much? Am I over thinking it. Well, yes, of course, that is how I react, this is part of my nature. But I can see it from both sides, but the one that wins is the one that knows that this is my career, my passion. This is what I do and what I love doing and what I want to continue doing. So that’s what I will do; change, evolve, adapt.

I have been especially lucky blessed, in my career and the jobs I have had. I have not only made wonderful friends, helped others and worked on great projects but I have found a career I love and am passionate about and have had the opportunity to work with and to be mentored by outstanding individuals. Those who have taught me lessons, given me opportunities, trusted in me and given me the rope, which I haven’t hung myself yet on. I hope to be able to return that, both in my performance, my service and to give that back to others.

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