Changes abound

Once again,

Its hard to always keep restarting, but that is the nature of it all right? Restarting again. Cycle, rebirth, do-over, mulligan, getting off the canvas.

So here it is a new day. Half of 2013 is gone and July is in full swing. I don’t like July at all, well except for the holiday at its start. But other than that, July is hot, it signals half the year is over and look at all the things that did not get done and what needs to be done. July means summer is in full swing. This July, I’m starting in a tough place. My mind is not right. I am way to much into the “the glass is half empty” attitude. So I need to restart, and try jumping off into this next half of the year right.

First order of business – business. Need to work harder, smarter and make sure when looking back at the 3rd and 4th quarters, nothing is left on the table.

Personally – I need to flip the worry and anxiety into something productive. That means doing versus procrastinating. And this thought hits me at every level personally and in every aspect. I actually was thinking if I worked as hard as I do at procrastinating and putting things off, channeling that energy into doing I would meet all of my goals and would be setting new ones. So that is the challenge. Work as hard at my goals as I do at putting things off. 

Writing daily- Check

Sketch daily – Check

Do to list at work – Check

Sketch 1

Sketch 1

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